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Privilege is something you can afford to have. If you want some privileges in your life, you have to make sure that you: 1. Exceptionally worth it; 2. On the right time and at the right place. Well, I had just experienced the second one. I didn’t have any plan to go to Taganai, a circus show from Las Vegas which performed at Senayan from 14-18 July 2011 before, but suddenly a friend of mine told me that some other colleagues were waiting for me to go there. I thought for a few seconds and said yes right away, but I told that I have to take my camera first before we go. So I went there. On the journey I found out that the manager who should went to the event was occupied enough to fail to go there. So, once again, I went there. Yay!

I think that this is a great event which is not promoted well enough. The audience number was poor. There were too many vacant chairs in the building. My deepest sympathy goes to the event organizer. I seated on the tribune, far enough from the stage, but I think it was okay because my lens was capable enough to take some good picture from the distance.

It’s said that the show is created by the ones who created Cirque Du Soleil, so the actions were quite extreme, the costumes were interesting, the plot and the act of the player were also interesting. It’s a total different type of entertainment, if you want to compare with Sirdus Karkus. They combined one acrobat with the others in a story plot (which I didn’t pay too much attention to) which was marked by the interaction of geek-like man with eyeglass who interact with an old man. They injected comedy and some humor between performances, so the audiences were refreshed over and over again. The comedy was good, it was really entertaining. The acrobats were really great. The show showed what humans capable of, it showed great agility, strength, flexibility, balance, and another ability man can get with enough amounts of concentration and training.

Once again, it was a great show, but I have to say that there’s nothing that I’d never seen before. Even plenty Indonesians can do the same thing, and I’d seen it before, the problem is there were no one had ever packed such show in such way. It’s the challenge for now. I think it was great learning experience which rich my reference. Thanks anyway for RCTI’s anniversary team who planned the experience and the privilege. And thanks for my boss who can’t meet the show’s schedule. Well, shit happens, Sir…but somebody else must take the opportunity that is not taken. Cheers.



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