Sirdus Karkus – Papermoon Puppet Show

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The Boss of the Clown is sad because his balloon was blown by a bird. The other clown try so hard to make him happy, but they always fail, because all The Clown Boss wants is a balloon. He then assigns the other clowns to find him a balloon. So the journey of the clowns to find their boss a balloon begins.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country there’s an old man who pets some little balloons in a cage. He lives in a small house with her wife, they love each other and they love the balloons so much. The clowns find it out and then steal the balloons while the old man and his wife “get busy”. He sends the balloons to his boss right away.

The Clown’s Boss is so happy to get the balloons and suddenly got attached so much with them. The balloons actually bring his mood back. So the clowns are back to business. They build. They bring modernization into their land with office buildings, and apartments, and malls, etc. For this purpose some parts of the country must be destroyed first, including the old man’s house.

While the clowns plan the development, the old man and the old man’s wife see their former balloons are now possessed by the Clown’s Boss. They find out that their balloons were stolen by the clowns. So they plan something. They grow some more balloons and put them in front of their house.

The next time the clowns come to their house to do some assessment, The Boss is so impressed by the amount of balloons which the old man possesses. So he bargains with the old man’s wife for the balloons. He offers them big amount of money, the small balloons in the cage, his crown, his clothes, and his underwear. He actually offers them everything he has to be exchanged with the balloons. The olds persist. They don’t want to give him anything.

The boss tries over and over again to be able to get the balloons. In the end the olds say that he can have the balloons for one thing. He has to cancel the development plan and promise to build an Circus park: Sirduskarkus. The boss agrees, the modernization plan is canceled and Sirduskarkus is built in that spot, where the olds live their rest of their life happily together.

It is the story of SIRDUSKARKUS. A puppet act which is performed by Papermoon, puppet group from Jogjakarta who were performing in front of Museum Fatahillah as the opening of Festival Wayang Nasional Saturday 16 July 2011.

The performance was magnificent although performed in such humble stage. Well, there was no stage after all. They performed on level zero, with simple printed/painted backdrop and some black clothes. The lighting was far from the word “grand”, it was simple, like simple simple. But it became unimportant because the show itself was entertaining, funny, interactive and wit at the same time. They made people laugh hard enough, they interacted and teased, they shared the emotion, and they delivered the message directly to the audiences without any help from any understandable language. Yes, without any understandable language!

For me the show is all about social critic, social critic of the modernization which often sacrifices the fun side of life (well, shits happen, right?). I don’t think most of the audiences, which included large amount of children, perceived it from this angle because it was delivered so subtly to the audiences, in the other hand the show was too hilarious to be explored from such angle. I guess the show is easier to be enjoyed without any effort of deep thinking anyway.

Well, congratulations for Papermoon for they had succeeded to give a different kind of entertainment for me and some hundreds audiences. It catch big amount of attention, and it was really enjoyable.

Extra credit for the concept maker, Ria Papermoon, for her brilliant insanity.


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