Mocca Last Concert

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Mocca, a local independent band which has been existed for 12 years by now, held their last concert. Because of their vocalist departure to US to get married, they have to proclaim their last concert. I think this concert suppose to be emotional for the members, it is indeed. Arina, the vocalist, dropped the tears when she sang “Tanah Airku” which really expressed her feeling for this beloved country.

The concept of the concert was different and actually interesting. They designed the concert with story telling plot, they make their songs as the soundtrack of the cabaret which is also performed while they’re performing. Despite the unique concept,I have to say that I’m not satisfied too much about the execution. After they robbed my almost-full-pack-of-cigarette for the no-smoking reason (which I consider ridiculous for they sold the ticket with quite expensive price, which means only selected social class can be there, so it can be considered that the behavior of the audiences will also be civilized) I have to be annoyed by the “story tellers”, Agus Ringo and Soleh Solihun. I prefer to see them as a regular off air MCs, not story teller. They supposed to connect one segment of story with the other, but in my opinion, they had failed. They’re not connecting the story, they distracted it so well. The cabaret itself which was performed by some high school students had also disturbed the attention of the audiences. With a so so lighting design and stage design they ran their function to give the storyline of the concert, but the execution, specially the dance, was poor and was not sophisticated enough to be performed in such important and emotional concert. So I think the cabaret was a minus point.

I was almost went out and just dismissed the rest of the concert, until Mocca collaborated with Endah & Rhesa (another local indie artist). This performance gave me hope of something good enough deserve a wait. It showed the musical quality of these artists. In that point I realized that they don’t need any visual complementary like the failed cabaret. They just have to let the music speak for themselves. They should just let the soul of the harmony fly away to the audience’s ears and hearts. They don’t need the story tellers, because the music really tell the story of themselves, the audiences can really feel the story without being told by someone else. I held myself back and stayed in the building for a little longer and change my mind set: “Just listen to the music, forget the others.” It actually worked for a while, another segment of the so called story telling totally ruin it. So I went outside to buy myself a rest and pack of a new cigarette, and after about 15 minutes, I went back in, because my brother, my sister and my girlfriend were still inside.

When I got in, the cabaret was actually just ended. I thought that the concert is over, but I was wrong, the “story teller” announce that the concert will be continued. The next performance was separated from the cabaret. It was pure music performance. Mocca exchanged the vocalist with White Shoes and The Couples Company; Mocca performed Hyper Ballad from Bjork (it actually was the happiest Hyper Ballad I’d ever heard); Arina sang Tanah Airku (which grew goosebumps all over my body); Mocca interacted with the audiences; Mocca sang with the fans; it was a great musical experience for me. If only they did this from the moment it started, probably I won’t say any bad opinion for the concert.

Overall, I think the concert was failed in the beginning, but the mood was lifted up in the ending. I have to say this one more time: “The music has spoken for them, just let the message being delivered by the music, don’t disturb the excitement with another elements which are not as good as the music.” Well, I paid for a bottle of tea which cost 3 times its normal price, lost an almost full pack of cigarette, got annoyed by the MCs and the cabaret but entertained well enough by the music. It’s enough! Shits happen, but the show must go on, right?


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