AMI Awards 7 July 2011

The ultimate music awarding show in Indonesia was held tonight. Some people are disappointed with the awards for any kind of rational to ridiculous reasons. I actually don’t care much about the arguments. I came to the venue and I treated myself as a proud viewer, it’s just that simple. I enjoy the show, some performances were magnificent, and some others were simply typical. The appearance of Trio Lestari, collaboration of Bondan Prakoso, Jono, Indro, Nissa, Dira Sugandi, Marcell and one female drummer (which I didn’t pay to much attention because my lens’ limitation) for example, it was marvelous. You would never seen these kinds of performances in any TV show. They’re obviously forms of idealism injection in a pop scene. Collaboration of Andien, Syaharani, Andity and Yovie Widianto was also showing the richness of Indonesian Music Scene.

But TV still needs rating and share. Yeah, the same old crap indeed. From this point of view, this kind of performances will not give any amount of advantage. But again, it is not the only thing that matter. The awarding program proved that some people are still give some shits about the direction of where the music scene will be brought up in the future. Education! It is not easy, it wont be easy, and it wont be fast. Changes will occur gradually in some long time, and need to be maintain with big amounts of effort from the “inside men”.

So it was a good show. If some people simply dont like it at all, well shits happen! but life goes on. The evolution takes place.


9 pemikiran pada “AMI Awards 7 July 2011

  1. collaboration of Bondan Prakoso, Jono, Indro, Nissa, Dira Sugandi, Marcell and Titi Sjuman??
    “Titi Sjuman”,..saya pikir bukan dia loh drumernya..
    kalo g salah sih jeane phialsa (alsa)..
    cmiiw lohg bro

  2. berdasarkan sumber dari teman2 pecintaa musik indonesia tingkat lanjutan, mereka lebih memperhatikan kategori-nominasi dan pemenangnyaaaa…karena munculnya nama-nama yang tidak dikehendaki itulah berimbas ke kemasan program..dari tahun ke tahun awarding memang slalu menjadi tempat munculnya kritikus-kritikus musiman 🙂

    *menanggapi kritik dengan senyum sambil membayangkan saat meeting konsep intern, meeting dengan bapak-bapak YAMI,berlarian di belakang panggung…..

    *mantan salah satu kreatif AMi dari thn 2006,2009,2010 🙂

  3. Thank god for the open minded ‘inside men’ who can see the big picture while still considering the ratings and shares. The industry needs more people like this.

    Revolutions never happen overnight and evolution takes years but one thing’s for sure… “The Revolution Will Be telivised”

    1. This comment is inspirational for me, it really makes me feel I’m not fighting alone…I’m sure someday when I’m not any longer in the business, the spirit will continue…at least the spirit to inject some idealism into the industry will stay haunted the whole scene…

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