Chair Balance

And so “Ragam Karya Sirkus Dunia” was done. Successfully? It depends on your point of view. If you’re looking from Nielsen’s point of view, it’s not the best one. But if you are looking from another point of view, like my point of view, it’s successful. For your information, I set a not-too-high-success-standard I consider everything which I handle and being broadcasted as a successful project. Anything happened in the middle of the preparation and the show itself is not important anymore, it broadcasted anyway. If anything went wrong, or anything fucked up, it’s been broadcasted already anyway. Rating and share was never and will never be my criteria of success. I don’t believe Nielsen, period.

So back to the title, the one that amazed me on the program is the Ukrainian Chair Balance. The performer, Sergey from Ukraine build a tower of chairs, and do some gymnastic moves while he’s on top of the fragile-tower of chairs. He does it very carefully and moves meticulously for the building is frail and will easily broken if he makes any kind of movement error. I think it’s the most entertaining slow-paced-performance I had ever seen.

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Career is also similar with this chair balance performance. You build a tower and then you do some acrobatic moves on top of the building. It’s only you, your body and the building you’re on. How to build the tower, it’s actually your call. You can build a chair tower which is really fragile, and you have to make sure there’s no one nearby or distract the platform where the tower is, or you can build a tower of stones like the Gaza Pyramid which last for thousands of years. The thing is to be able to build higher tower, you have to do acrobatic stuffs. Make sure that acrobat is on the right time and the right place. When it’s not, you’re fucked up, man.

So just build the tower with your own style and architectural design, and decide what kind of acrobatic moves you want to do. If the tower break down on any cause, build another one. You have options whether you want to repeat the same thing or to do it with another way. If you fall again, well, shit happen but life goes on.


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