These days everybody writes. You have facebook account(s), you write. You have twitter(s), you write. You have blog(s), you write. And all of them are meant to be read. All writings are meant to be read, and on social network websites you are expecting relatively big amount of people read what you write and you expect replies and comment from them. It makes people who consider what they write on social network websites are merely private simply stupid, or at least out of their minds.

Several weeks ago, there’s a famous band member who twitted a very unpleasant words on his twitter about another celebrity, and he also disgraced the show hosted by him. Every single crew who is working on the show was mad. This act brought the band (not only the person who twitted) into conflict, and they were banned by the TV station (not only the show). So in this social-network-era, you have to be careful, be really careful of what you say. Sometime, people’s thumbs are faster than their brain and the consequences are unthinkable and unpredictable. Think before you update something on the internet!

Virtual writings are actually a new kind of vandalism. People used to write their names or gang’s names on walls to be recognized. Nowadays, you don’t need those walls you just need a twitter account and enough number of followers to be noticed. Well, wall-writings and graffities are getting out of date, but it still be needed to propagate things that can’t be broadcast by social networks. Well, Pong Hardjatmo used the way to express his disappointment.

Yesterday, twitter was full with people who are talking about Pong Hardjatmo, a senior Indonesian artist who make an unbelievable act by writing “Jujur – Adil – Tegas” on top of DPR/MPR building in Jakarta. He said that it is an expression of his disappointment for Indonesia’s Legislative Institution. He was rested and he delivered no regret of his act. I and many others are admire his courage and entertained by his ridiculous behavior.

Well, that act was really attracting plenty eyes, and being encouraged by plenty too because it really need to be said loud enough to be heard, and it is said by someone who is placed himself on people’s side. Different kind of reaction will appear when the authorities try to promulgate something to control people’s mind-sets. Protests will spread if not being repressed. Like what happen in my office. The management is propagating some words in order to get into employee’s minds so that they can adopt the spirit. But that’s not what happens on us. We make fun of it, “Where’s the pharaoh? We’re getting some hieroglyph out here.” Or “What a waste, the project’s value can be allocated to increase our lunch quality.” Or “What kind of creativity should be produced with this repetitive pattern.” Or simply “This is an approved-applied-vandalism.”

This is the era of written language. Anything written is vivid and legal. So if you write something, you better mean it and take full responsibility of what you write. Plenty try to use it as an escape. Plenty try to twist it to save asses. Plenty try to bend it to gain money. Plenty use it as propaganda. Any kind writing is authentic evidence, while the interpretation can be used in plenty ways.

The red line is that what you write is what you think. You have to be careful for what you write, and where you write what you think. Don’t let yourself drown into shit-pole because of what you write.

I can be dragged into shit-hole with this writing, but I don’t care.


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