Being Raped

You may think that living in the creative industry is an interesting kind of life. If you can live with your idealisms and survive in the industry, than you are living in and from your own dreams, but if you are not strong and genius enough, then you have to follow the rules of salability of a creative product. I had brought this topic before, and I realize that I have to live with that. Apparently I succeed to manage my own survival in this world. I compromised, I adapted, I learned, and I performed. I thought that compromising with the capitalism is the hardest thing, until yesterday. My hypothesis is proven wrong. There’s some worse thing that can take place in the middle of the conflict between creativity and salability.

There are some significant personals that can make decision which can not be questioned and have to be obeyed, whatever it takes. Any moods and emotional circumstances can be involved and it is legal. Any personal and family interests can be injected and it is official. Let me give some example, it’s like “Hey, my daughter is having a birthday (I will not write “birthday” in this case) so, make her a surprise by calling her live in the most popular morning music show in the country.” Or “Hey, my son is having a sweet seventeen, so I want every most expensive presenter to host my son’s party. But I want them in zero budget.” Or “Hey put my wife into your station ID.” Well, the company is owned by you, but I guess you have gone too far. You are expecting the products sell with extraordinary profit, but you continue to rape our creativity. I have to say that it sucks! It sucks big time.

Again, another shit happens, and I have to deal with it. It’s time to think the way to get out from this big joke.


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