Happy Byrthday

Today is my Ibu’s byrthday. I was confused before because I didn’t know what else should I give to her as another element of tears. Tears of happiness and joy. I and my siblings had succeeded to create it for the last 3 years, but this year I absolutely have no idea what I should give to her. Probably because of I’ve been too occupied these several months, so that I can’t spare some enough time. So I bought her the simplest thing I could think: Some books. It must be useful for her alone times.

Last Friday, I was on duty in a city near my hometown, so I managed to extend my stay at Jogja which is used for a transit. I spent a night at home, and gave the books to her. She is happy with my gifts, but not a single drop of tear of joy is being spilledn as I expect actually. So I spent two nights and a day at home. I went to church with her, I treated her tongseng and sate, I feel happy but still I feel something was missing in this moment. Until this morning, my younger brother text me in twitter (a weird way indeed) that he and some good friends of my family were planning a surprise party. My duty was to set her up. That’s the plan and when the time came, I called her and asked her to check the old house we used to stay because I think I drop my ATM card there. So, she was upset and panic on the same time because of it. But she checked it up, and there was when she got into the trap. The surprise succeeded!!!

As expected, she dropped tears of joy. That was what we all expected from the beginning. I envy them who take part of the party, but I’m glad for being the part of the trap.

My ibu is lonely, of course she is, with her husband taken away, and her kids growing up, but looks like god always preserves enough amount of love for her. I always feel guilty for not being on her side when she need some attentions, but sometime I can’t handle my excitement of living the life here and now. This is a monument of my ignorant, my lack of time and attention for her, I guess. I have to say sorry for that, on the other hand I have to say the most important thing that I have to say to my Ibu: “Ibu, I love you, and I always will…I will continue this life, by your rhythm trust and hope”.

* That’s why I always write byrth and byrthday to everyone.
* I want to say thanks and biggest respect for they who give lot of love for my ibu while I’m not around.


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