Weirdness is Priceless

Several time ago I debated my friend on twitter about media importance in the government. I said that media is the fifth branch of the government, actually I was mistaken by that time, and my friend corrected it and commented it by retweeting my tweet with “I thought it was the fourth branch”. Reading the retweet my ego defended my pride by tweet back, “it is the fifth branch since money has driven this country too”. It was an impulsive reaction indeed, but when I reviewed my statement, I felt that I have to agree with my own statement. In this country, money and economic power control almost everything. Money really talks in this place.

Let’s go to the modest example; on the street, there are two kinds of vehicle which are above the law. The first one is the one who are able to pay for police vehicles escorts. People have to give the road and let the escorted away. The second one is bajaj and metro mini, and angkot etc. They always have the ability to go through against the traffic. Traffic lights are useless, signs are nothing, the others are not exist for them. Why can they get away? I guess it’s because it is useless for police to stop and fine them. They wouldn’t have enough money to be fined. So the cops are driven by money, the law is also driven by money. In the bigger scope, plenty cases are being finished but left unsolved because one part paid or forced to pay some significant numbers to the judge or the attorney.

Almost everything posses certain trading solution. You want to skip bureaucracy, you can put some money into someone’s pocket. You want to skip college and university but still get away with some degrees you can bribe someone. You want to get away from the law, you can buy your ways out. Everything have its own price. When something can not be bought, then it is strange and abnormal!!!

Well, my bapak taught me and my siblings to stay un-buy-able, and we do practice what he taught in our life. I had faced several buying attempts, but I succeed to refuse them.

So I was told to be weird, and I achieve the target. I am weird and I’m proud of it. I stay un-buy-able and it keeps me priceless!


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