Growing Up

Earlier in the morning, I was riding my motorcycle to the office when I saw a girl who wear socks with different colours, carry trash can, plastic rope, and some other weird things. I was thinking, why would any kid in the world do that. My thoughts ran into ridiculous outfit which are worn by Dara, one of The Virgin’s members. Is the trend to wear un-match outfit such as different-coloured socks? But fortunately my mind catch some logic relations which could explain it. These days are the first week of school year. After long break, kids are going back to school today, and it’s usually marked by initiation rituals called OSPEK or MOS. I thought that it is old school and out of date to execute such ritual, but I found that my thought is wrong. Schools do still do such thing.

Back in the days, in my younger years, I remember that I really enjoy such activity because I can actually perform. It is kind of natural for me to perform, specially in new environments. Plenty says that MOS or OSPEK is act of humiliation, but I always like it, I guess it is because I’m a natural-born-banci-tampil. In these few days school kids will be baptised to wear new uniform. The ones who wore white and red will be changing into white and blue, and the ones who wore white and blue will be using white and grey. Plenty considers this as annoying and disturbing moments, but it’s actually proud moments, because it means that they are stepping into the next step of maturity. They’re growing up. It’s not always easy to grow up, but it is a process everybody has to experience. Some grow too fast, some grow too late, some others never really grow up.

I hope everybody enjoy their day today.


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