To Box Or Not To Box

Related to my previous writing, the victory of Spain on the FIFA World Cup Final is like a monument of the victory of creativity. Though if Netherland was the one who won the star on the jersey, it still a monument of creativity’s victory.

Nowadays, in certain places, creativity is valued by its ability to sell. If it can’t sell, then it is useless. In the world of media, everything is measured by numbers, absurd ones actually. The metaphysics data named rating and share, which are produced by one single survey company, AC Nielsen. Only small amount of people in this world who understand how it works (in Indonesia), probably they are in the same number of the population of Badak Jawa. Well, like it or not, Indonesian Medias are using the single standard presents by the company.

Creativity in media industry is the kind of creativity which has less freedom. It is said that ones must think outside the box, then it is should be done inside the sphere called profitability. If you are planning to jump into the industry then you have to consider to take off your idealisms and start to learn how to sell. That’s the way it goes.

So, everybody in the creative industry has to think outside the box, and when everybody is thinking outside the box, then the box become useless. The “outside of the box” is becoming the new box. A new box is formed immediately. But whatever happens with the box, it should stay inside the sphere. In the end, the sphere is the only thing that matter!

Welcome to the creative industry


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