The New Champion

And Spain claimed the trophy last night. I was not strong enough to resist the weight of my eyelid and failed to be witness of the history of how the new champion gained the crown. It must because of one fried chicken, french fries and coke which I had to bare my stomach’s demand.

Anyway, I’m glad that Spain who won the cup. Actually even if Netherland who brought home the title, I wouldn’t be disappointed because both of them carry a very positive display of football, skillful and enjoyable. It breaks the domination of negative and pragmatic football which is carried by the former champions, who sent back home earlier, Italy.

Spain did show a consistent performance in football, these several years. The domestic league is quite dominant in the world. The players also show great achievements. The team is contained by a lot of celebrities but showed a good display of synergy. Nobody doubts their ability to gain the peak position (not everybody will agree this statement).

The most important thing is that attacking football claim the highest position, and negative football is sent home earlier!!! Celebrate football, celebrate positive football!!!


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