Let’s celebrate football

For these few weeks, beside of the Ariel-Luna-Tari video scandal, media is giving big amount of attention for World Cup 2010. Everybody suddenly watches football. They, who were never give a fuck to any football match, turn into football schizophrenics.

Actually I’m still amazed on how this game has morphed into a gigantic excitement of human being. In some region of this world this game is being loved and praised and considered as one of the most important thing in human life, close to religion. Why? I guess because it can save lifes. Boys from slum areas could turn to a superstar in the nick of time from football. Football gives hope for the poor. Football provides dreams. Football brings joy. Football stimulates emotions, deep emotions. Therefore World Cup can be considered as a kind of Christmas for football, which comes once every four years. The most beautiful thing about this event is, everybody all across the globe are celebrating the same thing. It’s colour blind. Races, religions, genders, ages, political views, economic status’, social degrees, and even sexual orientation are all forsaken for sure. The hype is universal.

So the World celebrate football this month, and today is the paramount of the hill of the celebration. Tonight when Netherland meet Spain in the World Cup Final, there will be bombs of emotions. A new champion will be discovered, there will be winner and loser. The winner takes everything, and the second place is never good enough.

So let’s take part of one of the biggest celebration ever created by human being.


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